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craft_collabo_costume maker

Poland-based couple Kaja & Johnny create amazing post-apocalyptic costumes, bags & armor with lots of Japanese & cyberpunk influences.

The Hand of Garkhan

The Hand of Garkhan

Los Angeles-based Alonso Garzon is a hand-stitching machine, turning out pieces with orderly laid-out leather panels, military hardware & straps, and found items.

Evan Ohl

Evan Ohl justohl costume maker

Los Angeles-based Evan Ohl is a graphic designer who continually cranks out amazing post-apocalyptic costumes, grungy cyberpunk costumes, bags & cyberpunk rifles.

Squirrel Wurx

Squirrel Wurx Costumes

California-based Scott Johnson took a break from building off-road racing trucks to create post-apocalyptic pirate outfits, props & special effects.

Dust Monkey

Dust Monkey Apparel

Callum Walker makes post-apocalyptic costumes & props. Influences include World War II uniforms, The Lord of the Rings & Star Wars.

Aesthetic Apocalypse

Aesthetic Apocalypse Ole Freya

German couple Ole & Freya create post-apocalyptic costumes, including helmets, masks & weapons.

Time Vehicle

Time Vehicle

Poland-based Konrad Radziszewski meticulously hand-crafts armor, helmets, goggles, bags, knives & more with leather, steel plate & found items. The result is beautiful, jaw-dropping detail & character.

Rad Roach Gear

Rad Roach Gear

Germany-based Kleiner Zorn & Sumpkid are a team of artists, costume designers, prop builders & crafters, creating props and gear for LARP, stage, photo & video shoots.
The themes of their work include post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, tribal , Metro & S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Currently, their work is available on Etsy or via direct commission.

Nuclear Snail Studios

Nuclear Snail Studios

Born in Russia, Germany-based Dmitri Zaitsev is well-known for his costume distressing tutorials. His trend-setting work has influenced countless post-apocalyptic costume makers.

Vulture Productions

Vulture Productions costume

Larry Hastings is based near Cincinnati, Ohio & has been fabricating a lot of costumes influenced by Fallout, as well as the German style of post-apocalyptic costuming. His skill set continues to expand, with special effects & cyberpunk makeup becoming recent interests.

Mark Cordory Creations

Mark Cordory Creations

UK-based Mark Cordory is a professional prop maker who has worked on popular TV shows & movies for decades. He brings his impressive skillset & experience into his own unique style, comprising solid construction & realistic, age-worn paint jobs.

Wasted Couture

wasted couture costume maker

Poland-based retailer Wasted Couture supports a team of local crafters that create post-apocalyptic & alternative fashions for musicians & the general public.

Wasteland Pirate

WastelandPirate costume

Sweden-based Erik Warg Tingwe creates high-quality, highly-detailed costumes that are in the top of the European style.

Mia Shinda

Mia Shinda costume maker

Germany-based alternative model & artist Mia Shinda enjoys creating all sorts of post-apocalyptic & horror costumes & accessories.

Ron's Rusty Gear

Ron's Rusty Gear

Germany-based Ronald Kellner hasn’t been active since 2016, but we can still check out his designs on his Facebook page.

4 Riders Clothing

4ridersclothing costume

We don’t often hear of post-apocalyptic culture in South America, but Argentina-based 4 Rider Clothing seems to be clothing the scene. Innovative harnesses & masks seem to dominate the offerings.

Mostly Junk

Mostly Junk jewelry earrings

Poland-based artist Burzan Krzewu creates jewelry out of computer chips, chainsaw chains, wire & other found items.

Dreadskin Studios

Dreadskins costume

UK-based artist Ian offers affordable clothing, accessories & gear. Many of his items are off-the-shelf products that have been painted & distressed. There are a lot of Metro, STALKER & Fallout-based themes.

Sky Iron Sanctum

Sky Iron Sanctum jewelry

New Jersey-based Kristina makes jewelry that is chunky, grungy & rusty. Thick cords carry heavy industrial washers, nuts & bullet casings.

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