Are you ready to explore the wastelands of the post-apocalyptic world? These ten video games will transport you to a dystopian future where you can fight for survival and make life or death decisions.

  1. Fallout 4 – This open world role playing game follows a wandering survivor in a destroyed Boston as they search for their lost son while also negotiating with merciless raiders and scavenging resources from a shattered cityscape.
  2. The Last of Us – An emotional journey led by Joel and Ellie across the United States as they look for a safe haven after deadly virus has decimated humanity in this intense third person shooter that emphasizes listening, stealth, and strategy over gunplay.
  3. Metro 2033 – Set in the Moscow underground after nuclear war has wiped out much of humanity, this horror first person shooter is full of encounters with mutated monsters, cults, and other survivors.
  4. State of Decay 2 – In this zombie apocalypse survival game you manage your own base of operations while also trying to keep your community alive against an ever-growing horde of zombies roaming around outside your walls.
  5. The Division 2 – Join an elite group of special forces operatives in Washington D.C., sent to reclaim the city from lawlessness and chaos caused by gangs vying for control following an epidemic virus released at Black Friday sales events.
  6. SOMA– From the creators of Amnesia comes this psychological thriller set undersea off Scotland’s coast, where players must explore an underwater facility filled with nightmares inspired by robotics research gone horribly wrong..
  7. DayZ– Survive brutal cold temperatures, dehydration, starvation, and zombie attacks across 225km2of fictional ex-Soviet Republic Chernarus while scavenging food and weapons to stay alive..
  8. Rage 2– Part Mad Max homage part original sci-fi adventure story: Rage 2 follows Walker as they seek revenge against General Cross who murdered Walker’ family years before..
  9. Fallout 76– Bethesda’s ambitious online only version of Fallout brings back all that was great about previous Fallout games while introducing all new challenges as players scavenge, build settlements, & complete quests all within the online wasteland..
  10. Death Stranding– Sam Porter Bridges played by Norman Reedus is recruited by Fragile Express to reconnect isolated cities & rebuild what was lost during a cataclysmic event called “Death Stranding” in Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated masterpiece.

Whether you’re looking for stunning visuals or intense action sequences there is something for everyone in these ten post-apocalyptic video games!