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South Carolina


We our known for our Fallout-inspired LARP, as well as attending several other events as a tribe.

We are also organizing an east coast wasteland festival for 2024, as well as assisting other organizations in advertising their events across the wasteland.

Our mission is to build up the post-apocalyptic scene on the East Coast, and to help build experiences that are fun, engaging, and completely immersive.

The Nukelanta LARP is an interactive Fallout-inspired experience, open to players of all ages. Our game uses heavy contact melee and Nerf blasters following the safety and damage rules of Dagorhir battle games.

Families with children are welcome, and encouraged to participate. To learn more about our game, its rules/setting, and how to build a character, click here.

General FAQs

Are your events all ages?

It depends on the event and the venue. Our non-airsoft LARP events are all-ages. Airsoft events are usually 10 and up, unless otherwise specified. All children under 18 require adult supervision at all times, and may require a parent or guardian to sign a waver before letting your child attend.

That said, some of our events may also be adults-only. Please refer to our individual events for more info.

Are your events accessible to players with physical disabilities?

Mostly yes. It depends on the venue. While most areas at our events are accessible, some spaces may be more difficult for players using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. If you have an accessibility concern, please message us on Facebook or email us directly and we’ll be happy to assist!

Do your events have medical staff?

Yes. Some of our players/staff include first responders with certified medical training. We also have medical equipment ready and available for all our events. If you have a specific medical concern (food allergies, medicine, etc.), please message us on Facebook before our next event so that we can make sure you’re covered.

How much do events cost? How do I pay for my ticket?

It depends on the event. On average our event cost is about $25 a person, but that is subject to change at any time. Currently, we only take payments at the event, but we are currently researching options for online pre-registration.

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