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Wasteland Weekend - Waste Land Weekend Wasteland festival

Wasteland Weekend is the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival. It is an annual 5-day event that runs from Wednesday through Sunday on the last weekend of September (Sep 25 – 29, 2024).

Ticket sales start May 14th, 2024 and tickets will have tiered pricing.

To buy tickets, try going directly to the Leap Event website.

Founded in 2010, it is an adults-only outdoor camping festival that takes place in California’s Mojave desert, about 2 hours from Los Angeles.

Wasteland Weekend is hands-down the best place to come to see the finest post-apocalyptic costumes, props, vehicles & camps, most of which are brought out by the event’s enthusiastic attendees.

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It is also the most immersive post-apocalyptic festival, with about 30 acres of designated theme zone & a strictly-enforced costumes-required policy.

Tickets are back to a tiered system, starting at $335 and going up to $395 if you buy at the last minute, There are many volunteer opportunities to earn you a ticket. The population is typically capped at approximately 4000.

What is There to Do?

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There’s always plenty to do. The main stage hosts an array of rock bands, fire performers & dancers every night, as well as the official costume & vehicles contests.

There are combat & bloodsport performances, as well as opportunities to fight your friend in the Thunderdome.

You can shop for post-apocalyptic wares in the marketplace, or participate in the myriad of camp-hosted activities, casinos & nightclubs.

If a night of wandering & drinking at Wasteland Weekend’s many sanctioned watering holes is not your cup of tea, there is always the air-conditioned Wasteland movie theater.

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What is Provided?

Wasteland Weekend provides portable toilets & sinks, as well as security & medical teams available 24 hours a day. Food & non-alcoholic drinks are available from a couple of vendors.

Since the event takes place on land owned by the event, vehicle routes are maintained & marked with street signs.

Social Media

First-timers can join the official Wasteland Basic Training group. For salty veterans, Wastelander Central is the place to discuss the latest post-apocalyptic news or ideas for the next event.

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