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Dystopia Rising MI May 2023: Rage Against the Machine

May 5 @ 10:00 pm - May 7 @ 12:00 pm

The war against the Dominion rages on, with Mourners recuperating after the deadly Ides of March games. The gears of change have started to turn, as townsfolk tire of being the Fords’ playthings. RAU members have heard the call and are showing up to Mourning Glory to offer assistance. Refugees from Dominion retaliation are seeking asylum in the settlement. But then, tragedy occurs. There has been a terrible collapse in the mines, and now the Fords and the RAU are scrambling to save their resources and people. They need help though, and are looking to those coming to trade for aid. Meanwhile, dangers lie in the dark of the mines, and the two factions aren’t the only ones seeking to sift through the rubble.
Who will you help in DR:MI May: Rage Against the Machine? Tickets and Check-In are open!

Tickets: https://www.dystopiarisingmi.com/purchase-tickets
Check-In: https://characters.dystopiarisingnetwork.com/events

Battle Creek Outdoor Recreation Center

10160 S M 37 Hwy