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Joining a Faction in Carolina Radlands is not required, but is certainly encouraged. Factions can provide you with extra items, protection, and assistance during quests. In order to join a Faction, you must convince them in-game to let you enter their ranks.


Races: All races, religion and creed accepted.
Goals: Betterment and security of the town.
Relations with others: Amiable at best with most groups but new relations will be made.
How to join: Talk to Sheriff Trench.
Garb: Though no uniform has been established all deputies will have a badge of sorts.
Other: We’re here for you, players. And justice will be harsh and swift.


Races: Super Mutants.
Goals: To do get enough caps to go to medical school!
Relations with others: SOL- Bad, not shoot on site bad but Zug no likey; NRC- Bad, They make Zug angry, they wont like Zug when he’s angry; Ghoul town- Good, they make the magic box play funny sounds, Zug likes funny sounds; The Legion- Neutral, Zug hasn’t met many from Legion, so no comment here; Townies- Good, They put up bounties and sell stuff to Zug, Zug like stuff and caps; GIST- Good, They buy flesh from Zug, make many caps from sales, Zug likes caps; BOS- Neutral/Bad, Zug hasn’t met many BOS members but has heard bad things about them.
How to join: Be Super Mutant, Be ready to embrace the joy of making caps and enjoy “finger food”!
Garb: Any Super Mutant garb, Medical garb optional but encouraged, be original and funny!
Other: We can be a wild card at times, we do what we want in the pursuit of caps and “medical knowledge”!


Races: Any race, although mostly human/ghoul.
Goals: To help the wasteland by spreading scientific knowledge and providing educational services (medical, survival skills, etc).
Relations with others: As neutral as possible with everyone, which often gets them in trouble.
How to join: Approach Camilla Crowe in the Bartertown clinic.
Garb: Doctor or lab coats with the FotA insignia patches on either shoulder.
Other: This is a canon faction from Fallout: New Vegas. They’re generally peaceful pacifists, which means they often have hired guards for protection. What they lack in brute power, they gain in resources.


Race: Humans and Cyborgs, all else will be under extreme scrutiny.
Goals: Make the wasteland great again, establish iron clad law and satisfy the new manifest destiny. One part Cyrus from The Warriors, one part Donald Trump, one part Hulk Hogan.
Relations with others: Neutral/good with ghoultown, while they are inferior, they are staunch capitalists; Bad with the NRC, as they are less successful in establishing a new America and lack conviction; Caesars legion neutral, they are stepping in on our territory; Townies and other small groups, neutral, enough blood has been shed that cooperation is more ideal; Zug, bad, caught a couple of our hired mercenaries as slaves, we won’t shoot him on sight, but if he makes any aggression he will be a permanent enemy.
How to join: Merit and desire, you must prove you are worthy to carry the weight of a new America on your shoulders. Demonstrate your skill, and prove your loyalty, less skilled can be accepted, but must work much harder to become a citizen.
Garb: American patriotism. Characters from across the former United States, blending their past affiliations with a new strive to return to the glory days of America.
Other: We are not the friendliest bunch in the wasteland. We are striving to make the wasteland great again, and in doing so we will be unscrupulous in our actions. We do not care for filthy ghouls and super mutants.


Race: Humans and Cyborgs, any returning home that were mutated shall remain outside the vault but are still considered brethren.
Goals: The lone wanderers that venture from Vault 50 to help bring back what our vault home needs. They always end up helping the nearby wasteland settlements one way or another.
Relations with others: Enemies with Caesar’s Legion & the Vultures; trusted allies of Bartertown & the NRC; business associates with Ghoul Town; neutral with everyone else.
How to join: You have to have lived in (and left) Vault 50. You’re either born in the Vault, or you’re not. (Note: we always encourage players to make Vault 50 jumpsuits, because what is a Fallout LARP without Vault Dwellers?)
Garb: Vault issued jump suits. Security typically wears a dark blue and anyone else wears a more full blue jump suit. Pip boys, shoulder pad or torso armor and limb armor are pretty common for Vault 50 dwellers.
Other: The overseer and special experiment of vault 50 are still unknown to non vault dwellers. Vault Cop, Hank and a few others have emerged.

Pending information: Ghoul Town, the NRC (Nukelanta Republic Confederacy), Ghoul Insurrection (GIST), Caeser’s Legion, NCR (New California Republic), Brotherhood of Steel

If you are interested in forming your own Faction, please chat with our event crew via Facebook. You can send us a message to our page, or you can join our Facebook Group to discuss it there.