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Interested in creating your own character? Learn more about our races, professions, factions and more below.


Creating a character for Carolina Radlands is easy. At your first event, our logistics crew will help you fill out your character sheet, as well as give you some starter items (such as caps). Before you get ready to fill out your sheet, however, there are a few things you’ll need to decide: your character’s race, what profession they’ll have (if any), their faction, their backstory, and what kind of garb they’re going to wear.

Creating a Character Post Apocalyptic LARP Role Playing


Carolina Radlands has four races: Human, Ghoul, Super Mutant and Cyborg. Each race has different types of perks, as well as racial makeup requirements (other than Human).

Below are summaries of all four races. This information is generalized for quick reading, and should not be considered final say on Racial perks. For more specific information, please refer to our rulebook.

The most common race in the world. Humans often dislike non-humans and treat other races as lower class citizens. Humans often have more opportunity than the other races. They find it easier to start a business or hold an elected position (example: merchant, sheriff or mayor).

Makeup: None required.

Racial perks: 50% more retail price for selling to vendors, receive rank 1 professions at half cost, may take 2 chems per day without becoming addicted (other races may only take 1)

Survivors of a nuclear war, they have been blessed and cursed by radiation exposure. They age extremely slowly, and some of them are well over a hundred years old. They retain all of their human characteristics from before but have very few memories. Some of them now speak with a raspy voice. Their skin resembles that of a burn victim, or a cadaver with exposed muscles. Humans treat them as second-class citizens and often will take advantage of them if given the opportunity. Ghouls often refer to humans as “smooth skins”. Ghouls take great offense to being called a “zombie”.

Makeup: Blacked-out noses, zombie-like features, etc.

Racial perks: Immune to radiation, can use radiation bursts as a weapon (once per hour)

These once normal humans were mutated to orc-like big and tall brutes by the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Their faces often have battle scarring, and their bodies are armored with car parts, large shoulder pads, tire treads, etc. They have amazing strength and endurance. Often they have very deep voices, childlike intelligence, and a strong blood-lust. Most Super Mutants seem to be mentally stupid, although intelligent and even friendly Super Mutants have been discovered.

Makeup: Green paint, reddish/yellow splotches, intense Orc-like features, large battle scars, etc.

Racial perks: Increased radiation resistance, can be revived after a head shot (via stimpack), extended bleed out (by two minutes); While wielding a Red in your dominate hand and one-handed all your strikes are considered to be Red

Some humans were modified with metal & electronics. They now have more in common with robots than humans. They often refer to non-cyborg life forms as “meatbags”. Some cyborgs feel that they are superior to normal “inferior” humans. Their physical make up is a combination of human & robot. They require both food & water to sustain their human side and solar energy to power their synthetic parts. A common insult to a cyborg is referring to them as “tin cans”.

Makeup: Metallic paint, LEDs, applied electronics, etc.

Racial perks: Natural light armor, increased armor effects on additionally worn armor


Carolina Radlands has various professions that you can play, and is constantly adding more. Specializing in a profession can grant your character certain perks, such as item creation, increased skills, discounts with merchants, and more.

LARP Post Apocalyptic Character with Car

Below are summaries of the professions we currently have in play. For more specific information on how each profession works, please refer to our rulebook.

Armorer 🛡️
Can cobble together components to make different types of armor.

Weapon Maker 🗡️
Can cobble together components to make different types of melee weapons.

Bullet Maker 💥
Can create bullets from components, as well as recycle old bullets.

Scavenger 🐀
You automatically find additional items at the beginning of each event.

Gun Smith 🔫
Can cobble together components to make different types of guns.

Scout 🗺️
Start out each event with a map and accompanying intel on local factions.

Medical ⚕️
May refill syringes and craft bandages.

Chemist 🧪
Use components to create chems.

Lock-picking 🔐
Pick locks quicker and without screwdrivers.

RobCo Engineer 🦾
Can create repair kits.

Faction Member 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Gain free items and receive discounts with certain merchants.



Joining a Faction in Carolina Radlands is not required, but is certainly encouraged. Factions can provide you with extra items, protection, and assistance during quests. In order to join a Faction, you must convince them in-game to let you enter their ranks.

You can learn more about the Factions we have in play here.

If you are interested in forming your own Faction, please chat with our event crew via Facebook. You can send us a message to our page, or you can join our Facebook Group to discuss it there.


Backstories are totally optional, but encouraged. It can be as simple as a Vault Dweller who spent most of their life underground, or it can be a little more complicated, like an ex-soldier turned convict, or a cyborg science experiment who recently escaped the labs they were trapped in. Take in account your race when you come up with your background — Ghouls, for example, are generally much older than Humans, and although they don’t remember much of their pre-Ghoul lives, they have many other memories and life experiences to make up for it. If your character is a Cyborg, how did they become a Cyborg? If your character is a Super Mutant, have they spent most of their life with other mutants, or have they always been a loner? Having a backstory prepared can help determine how you play your character, and how you interact with other players in-game. Have fun with it, and feel free to share it with other players between events in our official group on Facebook.


Know what kind of character you’re going to play? Great! There’s just one last thing you need to figure out… costuming.

When thinking about all of the clothing options in Fallout, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The great thing about our setting, however, is that it’s very versatile. As long as your clothes are torn, dirty, and otherwise look like they’ve been sitting in an apocalyptic wasteland for 200 years, then you are good to go!

The Fallout universe includes a lot of 1950s-style clothing, so feel free to get creative. Poodle skirts, greaser jackets, pinstripe suits and pin-up dresses are totally in!

If you want to roll into our next event looking awesome but are on a budget, there are lots of ways you can save money, such as shopping at Goodwill or recycling some old clothes that you haven’t worn in a few years. Flea markets, scrapped goods shops, art supply stores, military surplus stores and garage/estate sales are also great places to shop for wasteland gear.

If you need inspiration for your character garb, playing one of the Fallout games (especially 3, New Vegas, or 4) can provide you with a variety of inspirational options. You can also view our image gallery here, or the Nukelanta Pinterest account here.

If you are looking for tutorials on how to create costuming, we recommend checking out our favorite YouTube channel – Nuclear Snail Studios – for post-apocalyptic garb and props.

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