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Fallout: New Vegas Festival 2024

Join the NCRArmy for the largest collection of New Vegas fans/cosplayers in the world! The 3rd annual Fallout: New Vegas Festival at the world famous Pioneer Saloon is a 2-day […]

Nukehio: New Raven! New Beginnings 2024

The event starts at 8pm, however folks can usually start showing up at 5pm. keep any eye on post on the page and discord for event arrival times and the […]

Road to Ruin Festival 2023 – CANCELED

This event was canceled on February 1st, 2023. A post apocalyptic festival featuring vehicles, fire, music, beer, V8s and much much more! About this event: Attention warboys, tankgirls, wasteland warriors […]

Rust and Dust 2022 Italy

-POSTI LIMITATI: 60 biglietti disponibili in aggiunta a quelli già venduti in pre-pandemia -COME OTTENERE UN BIGLIETTO 1) Mandate una mail a indicando il numero e il tipo di […]

Festival of Ash 2023

The chill is in the air, the apocalyptic winds are blowing the winter into Uranium Springs, and we gather to throw one last revel before the cold grasp of winter […]

ApoXeast Unleashed

Announcing our new post-apoc festival…apoXeast Unleashed!! We know you’ve heard the rumors…it will be happening April 28-May 1 2022. This isn’t just Mad Max based, it’s here to welcome any […]

V2A Fest 2023

V2A Fest 2022 (Year 2). The 3 day unique festival in the Heart of England . September 8 – 10, 2023 (Worcester just off M5) Ticket includes entrance / camping […]

Aftermath 2023

Aftermath Festival

“Aftermath Festival 2123” Aftermath is a unique experience in immersion events. Based in a “Mad Max” style post-apocalyptic world, Aftermath is meant to entertain and educate while staying open enough […]

Oldtown Festival 2021

Stargard, Poland OldTown Larp is an outdoors post-apocalyptic cultural event. Unique experience. The biggest attraction is a 100-hours long game which makes you feel like you were a part of […]

Wasteland Weekend 2024

Wasteland Weekend is the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival, and runs for 5 days. This will be Wasteland Weekend’s 13th year. Dates were announced very quickly this time around. Check back […]