While costumes are not required at Fallout New Vegas Festival, it’s always fun to dress up in something appropriate. Generic wastelander costumes are totally fine, but here are some direct Fallout ideas:

New Vegas Characters

Vault Dweller

Probably the most iconic and recognized costume from the Fallout universe is the vault suit.

It’s a blue and yellow body suit and is always accompanied by a Pip-boy – a forearm computer.

For vault dwellers who have left the vault, accessories and armor are sometimes seen worn with the vault suit.

Miccostumes has a good budget suit, especially if you’re cool with repping Vault 111.

Procosplay and Manles also have solid suits and they usually have other vaults, like 33 and 34.

You can also do what many Fallout cosplayers have done for year: take a blue mechanics coverall and add some yellow accents!

NCR Trooper


As the official host of the festivities, you’ll see lots of New California Republic troopers all around Goodsprings.

NCR solders typically wear a khaki uniform, with leather armor, and a variety of headgear.

The headgear ranges from a red beret, a pith or sun helmet, and even a campaign hat.

NCR Ranger

The rangers wear a canvas duster, padded armor, a mask and helmet. The padded armor is usually made of floor padding from hardware stores.

Brotherhood of Steel

Create armor or buy a Paladin suit, or go as a regular soldier in fatigues

Great Khans

The Fallout Family

Mongolian-inspired leather vests go with the Great Khan faction.

The Kings


One of the greaser-style factions in the Fallout universe, the Kings are a band of Elvis impersonators.

Caesar’s Legion

A Roman-inspired faction that wears football pads, helmets, and lots of red.

Benny Chairman of New Vegas


You’ll probably see a few Bennies at New Vegas Festival. Just look for the gingham blazers, gray slacks and black ties.

Followers of the Apocalypse

Blubbin and friends

This faction is easy to spot: it’s as simple as lab coats with the faction’s symbol.


These zombie-style people were made extremely popular by Amazon’s Fallout TV show.

Other Fallout Game Costumes


Tiffany Gordon

The Atom Cats

The Tunnel Snakes


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