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Outpost Texas

June 21 - June 23


Outpost Texas is the first fully immersive post apocalyptic themed festival in Texas!

Outpost Texas is a 21 and up only, BYOB post apocalyptic event where costumes are mandatory.

We will have DJ’s, activities, and card tables using the post apocalyptic currency of choice, bottle caps.

As such, any other genres should be avoided. We are not a comic/anime/sci fi convention, nor are we a ren faire.

So, no anime/comic characters, pirates, vikings etc.

The event is free (aside from $10 daily fee for the campgrounds) and we encourage donations:

For a $5 donation you will receive either a tribe or event bottle cap.
$10 a tribe sticker.
And a donation of $20 or more you will receive a cap, sticker and cloth wristband.


Camping is available on site, but at this time is not included in the cost of your wristband, camping fees are $10 per person per day paid directly to the campgrounds via their cash honor box.

They’re old school like that.

There are full shower and restroom facilities on site.

General Rules

Pack everything in, and everything out.

ID’s will be checked when wristbands are picked up.

All state and federal laws apply.

No real weapons allowed.

Any bladed props must be movie prop dull.

Don’t be a dick.

The Details

Outpost Texas is our new event that a small group of us are busting our butts to make into an annual event. Our group, The Cow Effers, are a tribe that goes to a particular Mad Max event in California that shall not be named because our event is unaffiliated with them. We love attending theirs out there, it’s quite the hoot and hanny, and have been working on building up our camp to apply for their “theme zone” area. But we need pictures and figured hey, if we’re gonna do this, let’s get a home event going and make it fun for all of us down here.
So here we are, year one of OT. 21 AND UP ONLY. You will be required to show ID and to turn in a signed by you event waiver. Treat this as a river camping trip, you are responsible for your own shelter, food, and water.
The Campgrounds
We’re hosting year one in a fairly primitive campground that we’ve been having our private annual campout in for the past couple of years. The rock chip road entering in can be a bit tricky for lower to the ground vehicles. It’s a slightly steep angle and depending on the rainfall/abuse it’s gotten, can have pits. There are some people that live on site, so please be respectful of all non-event areas and stay away. Our event is free though we do have event wristbands available for a $20 donation (wristband purchases go towards making our event better for next year), the campground is not. Treasure Island Campground uses a good ol’ boy honor system for their campers, with a deposit box to put your campground fee of $10 per day per person in with a slip of paper to identify your vehicle.
You may begin showing up for event at 5 PM on FRIDAY June 21, 2024. If you show up before 5 pm, we reserve the right to put your butt to work helping set things up!
There is NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY available for RVs or campers (as far as I am aware at this moment, I will double check and update)
There ARE flushing toilets and primitive showers in a building on site.
It’s gonna be hot. Come prepared for the heat. The campgrounds we’re using for year one are mostly shaded by trees so that’ll help. There is river access from the campgrounds, but the Brazos river admins don’t always play nice with the flow so we won’t know how the river is looking for event until we get there to set things up.
If the river is playing nice, we get to add water games to the list of things to do.
Things to Do at OT:
>River activities such as: (BYOF – bring your own floaty)
* Fury River Tube Race – byof
* Best Deadman’s Float
* Best Post Apocalyptic Tube Contest – byof
>Barrens Basic Bootcamp
* Bring some basic clothes you think would be nifty to convert into your post apocalyptic gear and we’ll show you the ropes on how to get that perfect “I’m surviving this crap one way or another” look!
>Dirt Nap’s Three Legged Race
* Where there’s an arm on the line to be won!
> The Cow Races
* The Cow Effers new fun race game, details to come!
>Wild Wet Water Shoot Out
*Test your watergun slinging skills out against a friend (or frenemy) in a head to head water fight!
> Lawn Games
* Horseshoes, Cornhole, Giant Jenga, and maybe a few others we cook up
> Dirt Floor Dancing
* Help us test out our new sound system and maybe learn a line dance or 2!
I will be periodically updating and posting more news and information over the next couple weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below!



Treasure Island Campground

8355 River Ct
Granbury,TX76048United States

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