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2022 Zombie Survival Challenge

October 30 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Small groups of survivors made it through the first wave of zombies by gathering enough to get through winter. When spring thawed everything out, this included all the undead. You and the other survivors took down far too many to count, hoping to make it safer in this region. But somehow they’re back; faster, scarier, and in greater numbers.
This season, on TCP Zombie Survival Challenge!
You will need to join other survivor groups, which means putting aside any grudges from last season. Your team will need to locate, supply, and secure safehouses located in Combat Town or Fort Walter. These safehouses will need to be stocked with the required supplies. These supplies are located throughout Combat Town, Fort Walter, and Center Village. Each safehouse is marked with maximum occupancy and the required supplies. Safehouses may be closed at any time, but will not re-open until the phase ends. Be aware, that safehouses may not be able to hold all of the players.
And, to add insult to injury….all of the zombies will now chase you!
The 2022 TCP Zombie Hunt is a three-phase event. Each phase will last 60 minutes. Your team will have one hour to locate the safehouses and the supplies, get inside and close them up. Each team will compete according to its phase. To ensure a good ratio of zombies to survivors, each team is required to be a zombie for 2 of the 3 phases. If your team is not playing…then you and your team are zombies.
Here is the link to the event details and rules.

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