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2024 WASTE – Fallout De Mayo 8

May 3 @ 11:00 am - May 5 @ 4:00 pm EDT

$25 – $50
2024 WASTE Cinco de Mayo 8 Airsoft Michigan
WASTE is a free form player driven airsoft event where the game is driven based on the players actions. Making allies and enemies, doing trade among players, joining or creating factions etc…
The settlement of Nukamonga needs your help! The area has been invaded by wasteland raiders and other factions fighting over resources and control of Junkton and the surrounding area. Choose a side or survive on your own.
NO OUTSIDE AMMO, ALL AMMO PROVIDED BY EVENT STAFF, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING YOUR OWN TO USE! * All ammo is controlled and distributed by the commonwealth merchant guild. -There will be several different bb weights available in game. 0.25, 0.32 and 0.40 *If players wish to bring and use their preferred bb brand and weight, they can turn them into the staff where they will be marked with your name and available through the commonwealth merchant.
NO OUTSIDE BOTTLE CAPS, ALL BOTTLE CAPS PROVIDED BY EVENT STAFF, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING YOUR OWN TO USE! ** Bottle caps are the currency of the Waste. They are used to buy in game ammo and goods, use to make deals and obtain info or gamble in the casino with.
** players may bring and donate Bottle caps or Ammo to the event and will receive bonus starter caps or ammo.
Location – 5954 Hillman Rd Six Lakes Mi
Ages 12+ (players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the event waiver)
Admission Fee :
2 day pass-
$50 at the gate
$45 prepay.
1 day pass-
$25 at the gate, cash only.
(walk on only, no prepay for single day passes)
Free Camping
Kit included with Fee
10 Bottle caps *
100 rds of Bio BB’s
Raffle entry***
* Returning player also have access tp their end game caps that they banked at prior events
***each player will be entered into the event raffle.
Friday May 3rd
1:00pm – gates open for pre camping, registration, waiver, weapons check,
Saturday May 4th
9:00am-11:00am: Check In (registration, waiver signing, weapons check, Rule Overview.)
11:00am: Game Start
3-4pm: Lunch break and Raffle!
8pm: Game end
Sunday May 5th
10:00am Game start
4:00pm : Game Rap Up ( Player reports, Bottle cap & Loot tally, Clean up)
*Gameplay schedule might change due to extreme weather conditions. But we will play rain or shine. *Check-in will be available on Friday night to speed things up on the day of the event.
Every player is responsible for knowing the rules and for teaching them to any new person they bring to an event.
ANYTHING you want! dress for the part.
BONUS AMMO will be awarded to any crazy, wild and or post-apocalyptic themed uniforms and gangs.
(Under 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian)
(Under 18 must have a waiver signed by parent or guardian)
-All participants required to sign waivers and media release forms.
-Full Seal ANSI-rated goggles/glasses are required. No Exceptions
-Full paintball mask for players under 18 years of age. No Exceptions.
-Barrel Covers are required outside of playing area at all times. No Exceptions
-No wire mesh goggles allowed.
-Goggles should never be removed during game play areas.
If your goggles become fogged, ask for a referee help or leave game area and the field to clear fog.
-Weaponry must be made safe by removing the magazine and clearing the hop-up before coming off field. No dry firing in safe zone; chronograph area is available for testing weaponry.
-Respect of property, equipment, and other players and field is required.
-Any conduct done with malicious intent will result in the offender being banned from event and the authorities will be called.
-Homemade fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed.
-Commercially produced cold smoke grenades, pea grenades and similar items are allowed.
-Radio eavesdropping is not allowed unless permitted in the scenario by the EO.
-Metal or glass ammunition is not permitted. Bio preferred but not required.
-Real weapons, including firearms and large fixed blade knives, cannot be permitted on the property.
-No overshooting or blind firing. Always look down the barrel before and while shooting.
-No running through buildings.
-No climbing, changing, or moving of trees, or any structures. Players should wear adequate clothing, including personal protection.
-No verbal abuse, profanity, name calling, or slurs of any kind. No physical abuse of any kind.
-Please do not shoot any animals or game personnel.
All replicas will be issued ‘chronograph’ tags after being registered. These tags must remain on the replica for the entire event.
Pistols, No MED. Must be within the same requirements as Assault rifles.
Assault rifles, No MED. All assault rifles (no matter how they are powered) must not be over 365 fps 1.6 joules and semi-auto only.
Submachine gun, No MED. submachineguns (no matter how they are powered) must not be over 365 fps 1.6 joules and semi-auto only. -Submachineguns may use full auto as long as it operates at no more than 1.0 Joule. Submachinguns on full auto have a 20 foot MED.
Shotguns, follow same rule as assault rifles.
-shotgun with full auto capability and a drum mag can follow the support weapons rules. must be approved by staff.
Support weapons, 1.6 joules and have a 20-ft M.E.D. -full auto is allowed for support weapons.
DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): 370-399 fps and 1.85 joules max, 50-ft MED. semi-auto only. -Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class fps.
Sniper Rifle (bolt action): 400-500 fps Max 2.85 joules, 100 ft MED. -Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class joule rating.
Thunder B’s, pea grenades, Eg67, Taggin, Tornado grenades, or any other types that spray. BBs have a 20ft kill radius. —Grenades hits cause a critical wound.
-Players behind Hard cover are not affected by grenades.
-Building walls, barrels and barricades count as hard cover.
– No explosives, open flame or hot burning smoke will be allowed for fire hazard/safety reasons.
– Smoke may not be used inside of buildings.
Red smoke is used as chemical weapons. Players without a gas mask die instantly and must head to respawn. Gas mask does not need to be worn just has to be on the players person.
Orange smoke is used for radiation storms.
Randomly during a game, the staff may set off large green smoke grenades which represents a radiation cloud. Any players caught in the smoke without a gas mask, Rad-X or not in a building with 4 walls, will die instantly.
GAS MASK: any type of gas mask, paint respirator is acceptable.
Players with staff approved full face airsoft mask/helmet count as a worn gas mask.
Shields are allowed and are immune to bb shots. Grenade hits destroy shields and cause a critical wound to the player holding the shield. Destroyed shields cannot be used again until they are repaired or if the player respawns.
-Any player can wear a bomb vest.
-Player must have the Demolition expert Perk card and blueprints to make/construct vests in game.
-Bomb vest can only be used once per game, to used again the player must find new components and have the appropriate perk card to construct a new vest
-Bomb vests have a lethal radius of 20 feet and are triggered by the player simply displaying the device.
-Any vest device must be TRIGGERED prior to being shot or captured for search.
-Any bomb vest must be approved by Staff.
-Player needs Mini Nuke prop and launcher to use Mini Nuke.
-Mini Nuke has a kill radius of 100 feet.
– Any player outside and inside buildings within the kill radius are killed and must head to respawn.
Foam melee weapons are allowed. Any homemade/modified weapons MUST be approved by WASTE staff before the event.
When hit the player is “Critically wounded” a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possibly “HIT” – To visually signify a hit the player’s weapon and/or hands must be raised over their head.
Must call out “HIT” for all Critical wounds. – Airsoft is a game of integrity. Call your own hits. Never call the enemies hits for them.
***Players should not put themselves in a position in which headshots are necessary or encouraged. All players are encouraged to aim at center mass (center of the chest/back) If a Head shot occurs it should be treated as a “critical wound” Any player that is caught intentionally taking head shots will be ejected from the game and told to leave the grounds****
HIT = “critical wound”
Take a knee or lay down. -Player can call out “medic” for a medwrap or Stimpak revival. -medwrap and Stimpak revival cannot be self-applied unless player is wearing staff approved armor.
– Player applying the Stimpak must stay in contact with wounded player for 10 seconds in order for Stimpak to revive the player.
-player applying medwrap must stay in contact with wounded player for 30 seconds in order for medwrap to revive player.
– If medic uses Stimpak injured player may remove medwrap and reuse at later time as needed.
-If player does not receive a medwrap or stimpak revive within 2 minutes the player bleeds out.
Player cannot be Stimpak’d more than 3 time per respawn.
If player bleeds out, put on dead rag and head to respawn. No talking to live players, remember dead men don’t talk.
Players wearing the equivalent to armor on more than 50% of their person can revive themselves with Medwraps and Stimpaks.
All Armor must be approved by WASTE staff to receive the revive bonus.
Power armor: armor points- 3 separate bell hits or 3 melee hits.
Juggernauts can be killed if the bell is hit 3 separate take down times or by melee combat during 30 sec take down time.
-any juggernaut armor and Staff approved cosplay armor counts as Power Armor
-A player in power armor is considered a juggernaut with the following rules.
-Must have 100% armor coverage.
-Full power armor must be outfitted with a pie plate/bell in the center of the chest to represent a power cell… Bell must be hit for hit to count. – Juggernaut player is dead and must head to respawn after getting 3 take down bell hits or if killed in melee combat.
-When plate/bell is hit, juggernaut player must stop shooting and wait 30 seconds before they can start moving or shooting again.
-during the 30 seconds any opposing player can engage juggernaut in melee combat.
– Once melee combat is engaged juggernaut cannot use guns until melee is complete.
– If juggernaut is killed in melee, they must head to re-spawn -Grenade hits count as a bell hit and takes downs juggernaut, multiple grenade hits within 30 seconds kills power armor player and the must head to respawn.
Melee hit rules: 2 limb wounds=death, 1 Hit to Torso/chest or back= death.
Melee combat is lightest touch to medium contact. Players should use which combat style their opponent is comfortable with, NO over aggressive engagement unless opponent is comfortable with it. NO HEAVY SWINGING OF MELEE WEAPONDS. NO HEAD HITS, Player using melee should always avoid swinging at the head.
Radiation zones will be marked with green tape.
Player without a Gasmask will die if they enter a Rad zone for more than 5 seconds.
There are random loot containers of various shape, size and color (most are red) throughout the game area.
-When you clam the loot from these containers you may leave the container in plain site or return it to a staff member so it can be refilled and replaced back in game.
– Merchants will also pay a couple caps for them.
-A dead player can be looted before they bleed out and head to respawn.
-Players need to ask for permission to search for loot on or in the gear of any dead player.
-If permission is not granted than the dead player must hand over one of the loot options below.
-Dead players walking to re spawn cannot be looted.
-Player can choose one of the following options when looting dead player.
1. loot all caps 2. Loot any or all in game loot items. 3. Loot all ammo not in a gun or magazine.
-Dead players can only be looted once per death.
Stimpak (rare): A player may revive or heal another other players by using a Stimpak.
-A Stimpak can be used on themselves if they are still ALIVE with a medwrap on or wearing staff approved Armor.
-Players wearing Staff approved Armor CANNOT use a Stimpak on themselves if they are in “critical wounded “status and they must be applied by another player. -Players must wait 10 seconds to be healed by a Stimpak and cannot move during this time. -The ability to “heal” another player with a stimpak is done by maintaining physical
contact with that player for 10 seconds with the stimpak and tapping the player once per second.
MedWrap (common): A player may revive or heal another player by using a Medwrap.
-A player can use a Medwrap on other players.
-A player can use a medwrap on themselves if theyare wearing staff approved Armor.
-Players not wearing staff approved Armor CANNOT use a Medwrap on themselves if they are in “critical wounded “status and they must be applied by another player.
-Players must wait 30 seconds to be healed by a Medwrap and cannot
move during this time.
-The ability to “heal” another player with a Medwrap is done by wrapping medwrap around injured players arm a minimum or two times and maintaining physical contact with that player after medwrap is applied for 30 seconds and tapping the player once per second.
-Player can only wear one medwrap at a time.
-if hit while wearing a medwrap, player is “critically wounded” and will bleed out within 2 min if not revived with a Stimpack -Medwraps can be reused. -Remove after stempak heal or respawn.
-Player must be reached before bleed out to be captured.
-Players walking to respawn cannot be captured or enslaved.
-Captured players can be enslaved to fight in the Blood pit to win their freedom.
Ghouls, Synths, super mutants
-Ghoul: immune to radiation.
-Synths: immune to radiation and chemical weapons.
-Super Mutant: super heavy armor rule, immune to radiation and chemical weapons.
Players must dress and LOOK like the race they choose. …. a Super mutant should look like a super mutant etc…
Merchants have the goods you want and they want your caps. They also may have work to earn extra caps or ammo.
All ammo is controlled and distributed by the commonwealth merchant guild. -There will be several different bb weights available in game. 0.25, 0.32 and 0.40 *If players wish to bring and use their preferred bb brand and weight, they can turn them into the staff where they will be marked with your name and available through the main commonwealth merchant.
NPC’s (non-player characters):
In the waste, unique characters, wandering merchants, cultists, mutants and ghouls that may roam around and have no allegiance to anyone. They carry their own items and are free to fight whomever they choose. They are under the control of the staff and are field marshals as well.
-Perk card are in game items that grant players S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills, abilities and bonuses.
– perk cards can be acquired by paying caps for training or gained by completing special quest or tasks.
-Perk cards cannot be looted
– Perk cards may be sold or traded among players.
-Perk cards must be displayed on lanyard/string/cord around players’ neck
The following infractions will result in immediate removal from field property and a permanent ban from future events and field property. Law enforcement will be used if required to remove problematic players.
– Theft of field or company property.
– Vandalism or destruction of property.
– Assault of participants, visitors, or staff.
– Repeated removal of eye protection.
– Unsportsmanlike like conduct
What to Bring:
– Full-Seal Eye Protection (ANSI 87.1 rating).(required)
– Airsoft Replica, Sidearm, and Magazines.
– Red ‘Kill’ Rag (Required).
– Barrel Bag or Muzzle Plug (Required for airsoft replica).
– Batteries,(Required for airsoft replica) Charging Unit, ,Spare Batteries (Recommended).***a charging station may not be available so make sure your batteries are fully charged!)
– 3 Loot Items- Players are encouraged but not required to bring at least 3 lootable items to the game. Bring items that you do not care if you get them back at the end of the game. Loot items can be things like…. extra hats, extra scarves, extra food and drinks or any other cool piece of loot. (Lootable Items should be items you may never get back and may be useful to a survivor in the waste. Loot may also be used as trade)
– Foam melee weapon*(optional)
– Medwrap – 3inx3ft white cloth bandage, (optional)
(Medwrap’s and StimPak’s will also be available in game from Merchants for bottle caps or trade)
– Drinks, snacks.
– Live firearms (real steel) are not permitted on the property.
– Waste is Not responsible for items or belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
Players that bring their own Medwrap…remember… this will become lootable and you may not get it back at the end of the game.
No outside Stimpak’s, Bottle caps or Ammo allowed.
AEG – Automatic Electric Gun
DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle
EO – Event Organizer
FPS – Feet per Second
RPS – Rounds per second
MED – Minimum Engagement Distance
FOB – Forward operating base
Every player is responsible for knowing the rules and for teaching them to
any new person they bring to an event.
WASTE- Post Apocalyptic Airsoft L.A.R.P. Facebook group
* To redeem your ticket please print out the copy of the receipt and present it during check in with a valid ID
** Please fill out WASTE waivers to speed up the check in process at the gate.
*** Item is non-refundable.


May 3 @ 11:00 am EDT
May 5 @ 4:00 pm EDT
$25 – $50
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5980 N Hillman Rd
Six Lakes, MI 48886 United States
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