After the bombs dropped in Atlanta, the region became known as Nukelanta. A coalition of eastern wasteland tribes known as the Rust Riders are hosting a gathering there. They are sending out the couriers, the postmen and the transmissions to invite all the tribes of Atomic America to come party together at a post-apocalyptic festival. Come join us for one amazing weekend!

Activities Planned

The Rust Revival Festival FAQs

“How do I purchase a ticket?”

No tickets, just click going on the Facebook event. Bring cash only to pay in person. Show up Thursday-Sunday it’s $60; Friday-Sunday is $50; Saturday is $40.

“What is Nukelanta?”

Nukelanta is owned by Steve Cee, a long time post-apocalyptic event host in the Southeast. Nukelanta is a fictional region in the Southeast, with the capitol being old Atlanta. Nukelanta runs two distinct types of events: adult festivals and all-ages LARPs.

“Who are the Rust Riders?”

The Rust Riders are a unified raider tribe made up of smaller tribes including but not limited to: Nukelanta, The Vultures, The Soldanics, The Red Mountain Refugees, Aftermath and Forged Valley.

“What is the minimum age to attend this event?”

This is an 18+ event.

“Is this a rain-or-shine event?”

Yes, the event will go on rain or shine. There are a ton of areas to hangout that are covered or indoors if we have some rain.

“What is the camping situation?”

We have a nice large grassy hill, you may park your vehicle up there and set up your camp next to it. You may camp for no extra charge. Please cover your vehicle if it is not a themed vehicle. Making your tent look dirty is great too.

“Will you have food vendors?”

Yes! We will have food for sale for all meals all days by our pal Zeke aka Frank. He is bringing a nice set up and the food thunder. Bring cash, but we will have digital payment options too.

“Are there showers, bathrooms, trash service and electricity?”

We will have one shower & we will have water hose tap water for filling your camp shower bags and water jugs etc. We will have portable toilets and limited power. You’re welcome to charge your small electronics in the barn. Bring all the power cables and surge protectors. Yes, we will have a trash area. If you don’t pack out, we will haul it to the dump after the event. Please help by taking as much trash as you can. Last year we had eleven 55-gallon trash bags full & it was a pain in the butt getting rid of it.

“Will there be event security?”

Yes, we will have the Rust Riders all acting as safety officers and taking shifts, making sure no strange folks come into the property and no one is doing anything dangerous. Everyone on site should always remain vigilant and stop/report any creepy activity.

“Will the event have emergency medical services?”

Yes, the event owner Steve Cee is a full time EMT fire fighter and many of his wasteland EMS pals will be at the event ready to help. Including paramedics, nurses and possibly a physician’s assistant. We will also call 911 if needed and anyone is free to call 911 if they feel the need at anytime.

“How do I apply to be a vendor?”

Just buy a regular event ticket and set up your shop at the event. Email Steve at your set up and he can make a post about it.

“May we be loud at the event?”

Yes, we may be super loud, we are in northern Georgia and the venue said it is fine.

“What is the dress code?”

This is a post-apocalyptic-theme immersion festival. Mad Max and Fallout are the main fandoms we enjoy. Borderlands, Stalker, Fallen Earth, The Last of Us, Metro, The 100, The Book of Eli, Escape from NY and other retro post-apoc movies are great costumes to wear. Though not a zombie event, The Walking Dead and Z Nation costuming is just fine. Please no full uniforms like matching camo BDUs, etc or anything out of theme. Jeans and all colors are fine.

“Do I need to have my clothing distressed?”

Yes, shredding your clothing to have holes, rubbing black paint/vehicle oils, hair spray/spray gluing dirt, baby powder and sheetrock dust on your clothing goes a long way. You can come in with a t-shirt and jeans. If it looks super distressed, that is really all you need. Distressing stations will be set up to fix you up if you are not in theme.

“Are service animals allowed?”

Yes, but only service animals.

“What is an airsoft go-kart death race?”

It is a silly, goofy as hell “race” where anyone with a go kart can drive in the go kart arena at designated times. Drivers drive around in a safe manner while shooting each other with airsoft guns. Go karts may also be armed with fire extinguishers, water balloons, small boom fireworks and other silly gimmicks. The objective is to pop other drivers’ mounted balloons and finish your laps as fast as you can.

“What are the Dog Town Juggers?”

A group of men and women that play a post apocalyptic sport and are know as Juggers. The sport is from the movie: “The Blood of Heroes.” Juggers fight over a single skull and try to put it on the enemy stake as many times before 100 stones are thrown 3 times using staves and chains. This is a fully armored full contact sport, all are welcome to try. We have loaner armor suits. It’s typically difficult to get a full 10 folks to play this, so we normally just do gladiator battles.

“What are the Dog Town Gladiators?”

The Gladiators are armored warriors that use heavy foam weapons of all kinds to beat each other up for glory in the chain linked pit. Basically knock someone down to win, all are welcome to try. We have 11 loaner armors and plenty of weapons.

“What is a wasteland workbench?”

It is a work bench table set up outside for anyone wanting to craft some wasteland stuff during the event or repair their costuming. We will have hand saws, razor knives, drill, hammers, heat gun, zip ties, tape etc. We will have a lot of scavenged stuff for folks to use for free and take home.

“What is the distressing/stamping station?”

It’s mainly for soft goods like t-shirts. You can add the Nukelanta & Rust Riders emblems to your gear. Also, we have tons of chemicals & paints to distress your hard & soft costuming.

“What is Ghoultown Radio?”

A FM broadcasted mobile radio station made by some of the Nukelanta community. Bring a radio and tune in at your camp all event for music, interviews and announcements.

“May we drive around the venue?”

Yes you may drive your themed vehicles and death karts around the venue. I has a nice small maze of roads and room to drive around. 

“What is the Lazy Ranger Casino?”

A casino modeled after the world famous Last Chance Casino. Here you may use your special caps earned during the event to win fun stuff on the prize wheel of fate. Like bacon, shots, a Rust Rider’s body stamp, condoms, boner pills, more caps and other fun stuff. We will also have a wasteland roulette table, Black Jack and other fun prize tables like punch the cup. All while being roasted by one of our many Casino hosts. All just for fun of course.

“What is the Mad Max car show?”

A car show with awards going to the best vehicles.

“What is the costume contest?”

A fashion show of sorts with awards going to the best dressed at the event.

“Will there be bands?”

Yes! Freakshow Sinema & Die 985 playing some local spooky horror punk Saturday night. If you want to play the event email Steve at

“Will there be dance parties?”

Absolutely, we will have our signature hip-hop dance parties each night.

“What is a fire art performance?”

It’s a neat thing where folks dance with hire often with cool performing tools like swords etc that are on fire. Done at night and a lot of fun. If you are a fire performer and want to perform, please do. Email Steve at to give him a heads up.

“Will there be a bonfire?”

Yes, a small one each night outside the barn.

“What is bartering?”

You bring some trinkets, patches, unique caps, tools, craft beer etc to trade with folks. Typically no money is exchanged.

“You have going to have how many ice cold Nuka Colas?”]We are going to have a bunch of self-serve Nuka-Colas in the barn fridge for sale for a buck each.

“What is a tribe camp and tribe content?”

It’s your group of friends making a group name and camping together. Tribe content is when a tribe wants to host entertainment that the event is not hosting. Example: The Pugil Club wants to host boxing one night and a side show the next night. If you want to host something we normally say yes, just email Steve at to okay it and help put it on the official schedule.

“Will there be professional photographers at the event?”

Yes, several.

“What is “wasteland immersion“ and is this a LARP?”

Wasteland immersion is just creating a setting where you feel like you are in the post apocalyptic world. By great cars, camps, venue, costuming and sometimes folks playing colorful characters. No this is not at all a larp.

“What is a discussion or workshop panel?”

It’s where during the day a expert or group of experts talk or teach about a wasteland subject to teach others. It can be about anything, examples: Distressing, armor building, Which Mad Max was the best and why. They are great for fans of wasteland stuff to get together.

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