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The Russians attacked the US with nuclear strikes and then forces landed all across the country to mount their ground attack on the US more than 40 years ago.

A small band of rebels, the Wolverines, stood their ground and are still fighting for freedom 40 years later. This mission will take the teams into the heart of The Wastelands to recover a top-secret Russian weapons technology code-named PROJECT STARFIRE.

SMUGGLERS RUNS is a combination of a full-day on-road/ off-road rally with checkpoints throughout Barstow, Johnson Valley, and Big Bear. The entire event is overlaid with elements of an escape room and a scavenger hunt.

You have been hired by the Rebels with the mission to hunt down the Russian engineers responsible for developing a highly secretive Russian weapons technology called PROJECT STARFIRE. The engineers fled the weapons facility as it was ransacked by the Wastelanders. You must find the engineers with the weapons components at the Wastelanders outposts.

The event caters to a beginner as well as advanced drivers with multiple route options based on skill level and vehicle capability to finish the day. You will be able to complete the beginner route in a stock off-road style vehicle. The advanced Black Diamonds course will require a lifted 4×4 with a minimum of 33″ tires and recommended lockers.

You can choose the standard trail or the advanced group. You will be put in groups of at least two to four vehicles for the day as a group that will work together to find the checkpoints and solve the clues.  This is not a race. The way to win is by collecting the most gold coins and having the lowest mileage.