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Mad Max 2 Celebration, 40 Years of Mayhem.

March 8 @ 11:00 am - March 10 @ 10:00 pm


Four decades have passed since we witnessed an unparalleled cinematic achievement explode into our consciousness, and now we invite you to return to the Wasteland to celebrate Mad Max 2.

We are celebrating Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior), 40 years of mayhem, in a reconstructed replica of the Seven Sisters Oil Compound located at the Camel Farm in Silverton. This passion project was implemented by Adrian Bennett and ably assisted by Ian Mitchell with immense support from the Broken Hill business community. Without their generous contributions it might never have been finished on such a grand scale. We invite you to stand within the Compound, the red outback sand beneath your boots, and defend the fuel. OR. Roll up to the gates and demand the tanker, the oil and the whole compound. Dig out your leathers, strap on your shoulder pads and join us in the wasteland to celebrate the greatest movie ever made.

The event features Mad Max 2 Museum tours, visits to the movie filming locations, competitions and presentations, live bands, the replica Compound with vehicles and costumes, and special guests, Emil Minty and Bruce Spence.

Each morning 3 separate groups of attendees will visit the filming locations featured in Mad Max 2 on a rotating schedule.

This is a ticketed event and tickets will go on sale later in 2023 and are limited to 500.

The Compound at The Camel Farm Silverton NSW